Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Background and Objectives

In the Beginning...

The Gendec Design Team has a history of designing user-interfaces that pre-dates the Internet. These skills may seem to be less relevant today in a Browser environment. However, the future of the Internet is very much about on-line APPLICATIONS, rather than just static pages being served up.

All the considerations that were important about user- interaction in a stand-alone executable, have again become very relevant. Today, most commercial sites now have some form of data-capture in place, feeding through to a full-blown database on the server.

The best formula revolves around the idea of capturing the maximum user-information, with the least aggravation − something that may seem obvious, but has not been achieved by some of the big companies who have invested heavily in a web-presence.

From Applications to Web-Sites

In recent years, we have focused on developing on-line applications for private clients. We are now available to apply that experience to building web-sites. For many, this may seem like overkill. For others, it might just provide the competitive edge they are seeking.

At the low-end, we can provide web-site templates that cover the basic needs for a start-up site. These templates benefit from some of the 'tricks' that have trickled down from the more sophisticated development we have done.

Client Base

Our overarching goal is to build a base of satisfied clients. Although this site has attempted to explain our philosophy, there is no better reference than from a satisfied customer.

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