Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Background and Objectives

In the Beginning...

The Gendec Design Team has a history of designing user-interfaces that pre-dates the Internet. These skills may seem to be less relevant today in a Browser environment. However, the future of the Internet is very much about on-line APPLICATIONS, rather than just static pages being served up.

All the considerations that were important about user- interaction in a stand-alone executable, have again become very relevant. Today, most commercial sites now have some form of data-capture in place, feeding through to a full-blown database on the server.

The best formula revolves around the idea of capturing the maximum user-information, with the least aggravation − something that may seem obvious, but has not been achieved by some of the big companies who have invested heavily in a web-presence.

Client Base

Our overarching goal is to build a base of satisfied clients. Although this site has attempted to explain our philosophy, there is no better reference than from a satisfied customer.

From Applications to Web-Sites

In recent years, we have focused on developing on-line applications for private clients. We are now available to apply that experience to building web-sites. For many, this may seem like overkill. For others, it might just provide the competitive edge they are seeking.

At the low-end, we can provide web-site templates that cover the basic needs for a start-up site. These templates benefit from some of the 'tricks' that have trickled down from the more sophisticated development we have done.

Public Forum & Feedback

The Blog has been set up to allow input from existing clients, and potential clients. We monitor this regularly, and will endeavour to explain any of the design choices that may not be obvious. The Internet is awash with highly skilled individuals, and if they make the effort to correspond with us, we will either justify our technique, or adjust to best-practice.

Please direct all questions or comments of general nature to the Blog. For queries related to your specific needs, please contact us by clicking the Contact button in the top menu.

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