Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Ongoing Health of a Web-Site

Dynamic or Static Sites

Some web-sites are created with the expectation of single hits from casual visitors − Static Sites, where the content rarely needs to be updated after initial installation. At the other extreme is a web-site that has content updated continuously, e.g. a News site. Part of the specification for a new web-site would detail the expected usage-pattern.

Changing Environment

There can sometimes be surprises when new versions of Browsers are released. The risks are reduced by coding to the W3C standards, which we do. For a commercial site, it is important to monitor these changes and ensure that the majority of the target audience has full access to the site as it was originally intended.

Testing across the dozens of Browsers in use today is quite impractical − the rule of "Diminishing Returns" applies when trying to address that last few percent.

Self-Maintain or Out-Source

Many tasks involved in maintaining a web-site are labour-intensive, rather than high-skill. In offering our services, we try to strike a balance between using the customer skill-base, and our own. For many customers, the issue becomes one of having sufficient time to devote to the project.

On-Going Costs

All aspects of creating and running a web-site have costs associated with them. At Gendec Design we prefer to offer a staged approach. We separate costs for the various stages into three components...

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Annual Support Costs

Package Deals

Gendec Design can provide whatever level of maintenance and support a customer requires. In the case of sites that require daily attention, the economics favour having in-house staff dedicated to the task. For medium or low-level support, we can tailor a package to suit the situation and the budget.

Where we have been responsible for the design and implementation of a site, the maintenance is provided at a nominal charge. Normally we would not support an existing site without a full examination of the quality of work involved. It is sometimes easier to start from scratch, than re-engineer a poorly implemented site.

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