Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

A Selection of Gendec Sites

Container Freight Technologies

Web-sites targeting a broad demographic need to be fully functional across a wide variety of display devices. The technique is called "Responsive Design". Large IT shops can produce different versions for specific display devices when a high degree of customization is required. For smaller installations, clever use of CSS can produce an effective result across all devices using the same HTML source code.

The CF Technologies site has been built using WordPress. While a website developed with WordPress can sometimes result in a relatively large application, any disadvantage is outweighed by the benefit of easy maintenance plus flexibility from a huge variety of third party-plugins.


Some sites need to explain quite complex systems, and in such cases a video may be the best way to convey the concept. Videos can be self-hosted, or streamed through services like YouTube or Vimeo. Self-hosting provides maximum flexibility, but can also place heavy demands on the hosting service. With EVTAC we self-host four videos.

Databases are an essential part of the back-end for any commercial site. Often there are templates that provide the required functionality e.g. collecting client-data or shopping-carts. In other cases, specific and unique database design is necessary. EVTAC provides a good example of a database designed for a specific purpose.


A recent commercial site we developed brings together many aspects of the design process. In the first instance, the landing-page should be aesthetically pleasing, and interesting enough to encourage the casual visitor to pause and investigate whether or not there is anything of relevance to them.

Whilst the interface may seem quite simple and straightforward, as it should, it hides what will become a very complex back-end capable of collecting and displaying massive amounts of data in graphical form. Visitors to a web-site never need to know about these complexities, but developers sure do.

Australian Consultant Design

For the owner of a web-site, the objective is to convey as much information as possible about products and services on offer. However, visitors have many different objectives, and varying attention-spans. It is important to convey the message visually as well as in word form.

Navigation should flow through the menu-items much the same as chapters through a book. Always provide quick and highly visible links to the things that would be most relevant for a visitor. And end with the 'Contact' or 'Checkout' section where there are options for more information and the possible establishment of a commercial relationship.

Forex Integrator

The FX-Integrator product enters a heavily populated market-place, and thus requires something a little different in the way of a web-presence. Traditionally web-sites for Forex Robots follow a very simplistic 'toilet-roll' model where all information is presented in a single scrolling page. Although this model is easy to implement, it breaks just about every rule regarding friendly User-Interface design.

The user perspective is prime driver for good UI -- information most of interest to them should be no more than a click or two away, and the pathway obvious. We tried hard to achieve this goal. A few video links have been included for those with more time to review the site content.


The Crab-Bot web-site is an example of a what can be achieved in a non-hosted situation. It is cross-browser friendly and should be fully functional with script disabled, albeit a bit slower. Graphic effects are not dependent upon any plug-ins. Sound-effects are included if supported by the browser environment.

A template similar to this would be suitable for the do-it-yourself web-creator wishing to establish a low-maintenance web presence for a small business. The focus here is to design the aesthetics to be satisfying, and appropriate for the target audience. This site also demonstrates a video that resides on the server, rather than relying on a third-party for hosting.

Rules for Eternity

Many modern web-sites are intentionally minimalistic, and RulesForEternity is one of them. There are two basic reasons for this. Graphics can sometimes be an unwanted distraction when the primary purpose of a site is to convey textual information. In addition, a site nowadays will often be viewed on a portable device where screen real-estate is at a premium, thus leaving little room for superfluous content.

This site is designed to appeal to visitors who are comfortable with electronic devices that mimic the book paradigm. A light graphic is fine to attract initial attention, but once a visitor is engaged with the content, there should be no distractions.

TrackHawk Technologies

The line between stand-alone executables and web-applications is blurring quickly, due to the sophistication of modern browsers and the availability of fast Internet connections. Our TrackHawk project is a work-in-progress that well illustrates what can be achieved using today's technology. A partial demonstration is available at TrackHawk Demonstration.

It is the intention that the application will slot into supporting web-sites that already have solid infrastructure in place. The web-site link here is provided to explain and market the concept, but not necessarily intended as a permanent wrapper for the application.

Beauty Salon

Writing good copy for a commercial web-site is an art-form in itself, and is often best addressed by the client or someone with industry-specific knowledge. In order to separate the graphic-design from the textual content, we often fill the content with official gobbledygook during development.

The Beauty Salon prototype also illustrates some of the neat visual effects that can be accomplished using jQuery -- check out the 'coupon' and its associated print options. Javascript is required for this to work, but that should not be a problem as over ninety percent of web users have it enabled.

EziHedge Price Protection

Many clients have a good idea about how they want their web-site to look. It is the job of the designer to implement these ideas, and advise on the best way to achieve the set objectives. At Gendec Design, we provide such a service. In the case of EziHedge, another requirement was to develop a site that the client could maintain themselves.

By making the design modular, and allowing the framework to automatically adjust for changes, the goal of easy-maintenance has been met. For visual appeal, and a degree of attention-grab, a Flash menu is being considered. This also allows a rolling slide-show to display the concepts that the client wants to promote to visitors.

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