Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Services to Help Build Sites

The Design Process

The Gendec Design team has many years experience at creating user-interfaces. These skills are applied when working with Clients to provide the most appropriate and pleasing web-experience for their visitors. Where necessary, we work with our sister-company to perfect the aesthetics and ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Hosting Services

For clients who require high bandwidth, with very little down-time, we work closely with VentraIP to provide Hosting Services in Australia. They have an excellent record for reliability. A client can choose to deal directly with VentraIP, or we can handle all support issues, and liaise with the VentraIP team when appropriate.

Third Party Add-ins

Many services are available from third-party suppliers − Shopping Carts, Blog Databases, Search-Engine Optimisation, etc.  At Gendec Design, we can advise where these products offer the best value.  Whatever products are chosen, there will inevitably be a degree of customization required.

Incorporating Animation

The Flash plug-in was once ubiquitous in the Browser world as a means of providing animation and user interaction.  Adobe's support for Flash has ended, but many of its features can now be replicated using HTML5 inbuilt support for video and sound.  In addition, there are many well-supported utilities that leverage the power of Javascript to deliver a highly interactive user-interface.

One such utility is Google Charts which can be used to display live data in graphical form -- check the TrackHawk Demonstration for an example of this.  Used with restraint, animation provides a good method to draw attention to the the important facets of a web page.  For menus and banners, many good templates are available quite inexpensively, and we can tailor these to suit a given situation.

Technical Aspects

An important part of any web-site implementation is to ensure that full functionality is delivered on the majority of Browsers currently in use. Depending on the level of market-penetration chosen by the client, we test all sites we develop to cover that market.

The baseline for all sites is coverage of over 90% of the market with support for IE7+, Firefox2+, and Google Chrome. In an earlier section, we mentioned the inverse relationship between web-site complexity and the ability of Browsers to deliver content without problems. This is a balance we work hard to get right.

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