Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Striving for Perfection in Web-Space

Services to Help Build Sites

The Design Process

The Gendec Design team has many years experience at creating user-interfaces. These skills are applied when working with Clients to provide the most appropriate and pleasing web-experience for their visitors. Where necessary, we work with our sister-company to perfect the aesthetics and ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Hosting Services

For clients who require high bandwidth, with very little down-time, we work closely with VentraIP to provide Hosting Services in Australia. They have an excellent record for reliability. A client can choose to deal directly with VentraIP, or we can handle all support issues, and liaise with the VentraIP team when appropriate.

Third Party Add-ins

Many services are available from third-party suppliers − Shopping Carts, Blog Databases, Search-Engine Optimisation, etc. At Gendec Design, we can advise where these products offer the best value. Whatever products are chosen, there will inevitably be a degree of customization required.

Flash Development

The Flash plug-in was once ubiquitous in the Browser world as a means of providing animation and interaction. Used with restraint, this provides a good method to draw attention to the the important facets of a web page. However, Flash development is not for the faint-hearted. For menus and banners, many good templates are available quite inexpensively, and we can tailor these to suit a given situation. It is important to note that browser-support for Flash has declined dramatically in recent times as support for the new HTML5 standard gains momentum.

Technical Aspects

An important part of any web-site implementation is to ensure that full functionality is delivered on the majority of Browsers currently in use. Depending on the level of market-penetration chosen by the client, we test all sites we develop to cover that market.

The baseline for all sites is coverage of over 90% of the market with support for IE7+, Firefox2+, and Google Chrome. In an earlier section, we mentioned the inverse relationship between web-site complexity and the ability of Browsers to deliver content without problems. This is a balance we work hard to get right.

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